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Are you ageing too fast?

Don't let age slow you down ...




Unlock Your Health Potential With Epigenetic Science.. 
Test Your Biological Age And Possible Ageing Risk factors.
Walk away knowing exactly what you can do to to put ageing on your side.

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Presented by Tamala Francis,
Founder & CEO at Francis & Co.

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The REAL REASON you can't actually age healthily WITHOUT cooling off inflammation

Ever feel like your body is fighting an uphill battle against time? That no matter what you do to stay healthy, it feels like age is trying to catch up before you can even celebrate your last victory?


Because if you're like most of the busy professionals above 40 I meet, they all show insidious signs of ageing. Most commonly they complain about brain fog, some form or muscle or joint pain, sleeping issues and feeling exhausted, lost muscle strength, digestive issues of all kinds, anxiety about the future health or life ... and yes, they start to "feel" old and miss the energy to do the things they like or used to do.

Well, there's a deep-rooted reason for why our bodies seem to give up the moment we reach a certain age – inflammation. At first glance, inflammation may be an easily dismissed culprit of ageing and poor health, but in reality, it acts as a powerful force that works tirelessly in the background – weakening bones and muscles while sending stress signals throughout our heart and brain.

Which of these questions play on a loop the loudest in your head?

* What will my back pain or arthritis feel like in 10 years from now?

* What if my concentration issues are a first sign of dementia?

* I don't feel well at the moment. What if I am getting cancer like my grandmother and father did?

* I feel so exhausted I can't go for a bike ride these days. When I was 20 I never felt limited by my energy levels.

But do we really have to accept this as part of growing old or can we use natural methods to cool off inflammation and keep ourselves from ageing prematurely? 

That's right. The real focus should be on how you can cool off inflammation on the inside of your body and mind. Not on what's the next best medication you can take to mask symptoms of you physical and brain health decline. 

If you feel exhausted, you don't feel at your best or you find yourself ageing too fast, you want to know how your stressful everyday life is affecting your biological age and your inflammation levels, so you can act on it. So you can start work back your way to optimal health. You want to know what you can do to help you get there.

Many people over 40 fear it's too late. That by now they have joined the "ageing club" and there's no way they can jump off this train. Or some believe they should have jumped off the train 5 years ago but now it's definitely too late to change tracks. 

And the worst part? They don't even realise that they are making a mistake that's costing them years of health, years of quality of life by accepting, do nothing about it and worse, doing more drug patchwork to forget about the symptoms. 

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The Cold Hard Truth is

If you don't address inflammation your risk for chronic disease is increased by xxxx

Look around you. What diseases or ailments do your relatives and friends suffer from?

And did you know that the three major causes of death across the world are cardiovascular disease, cancer, and chronic respiratory disease. These diseases have all been linked to inflammation and lifestyle. 


The majority of centenarians in the Blue Zones die from natural causes such as organ failure. Studies have shown that people in the Blue Zones tend to have lower levels of inflammation compared to other parts of the world.XXXX sources xxx

While no one can guarantee you won't have to face a serious disease in your life, reducing inflammation  definitely will increase your chances for living a disease free life longer and enjoying life at your best.

But how do you know how inflamed you have become over those years of stressful .... exposure to environmental toxins, xxx


If this text has attracted your attention, it means you're conscious of your health and you don't want age to slow you down. It means you have what it takes to make a change starting today. A change that will put you on the path of living younger longer. 

And just like I helped hundreds of clients getting back on that path, NOW I want to help you!

Introducing ...



A proven method to measure your health and put you back on a health pathway.

  • Discover your biological age and your epigenetic status of inflammation.

Discover how your lifestyle has affected your biological age as compared to your chronological age and your inflammation levels.  (DNA Stability and Methylation Levels)

  • Know how your current dietary and lifestyle habit may be negatively impacting your ageing process and your health.

Discover what habits may be fuelling inflammation and may be detrimental to your health. Understand what may serve you more.

  • Find out about your personal wa forward to reduce inflammation and improve your health. 

Understand what these epigenetic markers mean and how you can eat and live to preserve or turn back the clock

Money Back Guarantee - what alternative can I offer?

Why I am not charging as much as I should for this 



Introducing ...

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