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Unleash your  potential
with the power of health

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Your best health at any age?

Feel like you're ageing faster than ever as you move through your forties?


Don't just accept the common ailments of ageing. You don't need to settle for sluggish energy, joint pain, brain fog or performance los! Unlock a whole new level of health with personalised nutrition and lifestyle changes.


Take action to improve epigenetic regulation, how it affects gene expression in response to environment stimuli, and your microbiome balance, and you will reclaim vibrancy and feel younger longer.

It's never too late to get started on turning back the clock!

Seize the opportunity to living younger longer. The understanding of the epigenome and the microbiome offer tremendous opportunities to do so.

LiveYourBestVersion is on a mission to help people unleash their potential with the power of health.

We provide scientifically proven methods and products to improve vitality and support health.

Our approach is simple: we want to help people feel their best, so they can do their best.

Everything we do is based on this core principle. Whether it’s providing the latest in anti-aging technology or sharing tips for living a healthier life, we are dedicated to helping you look and feel your best.

Healthy Ageing and Longevity

Are you struggling with physical & mental fatigue, brain fog, exhaustion? Does everything feel like a "must do"?

Your health is defined by your every day choices. Do you want to align your health span with your life span so you avoid struggling a third of your life with mental or physical health conditions? The earlier you start with the best choices for your body & mind, the more promising your future will look. 

I help my clients understand their personal best lifestyle choices and discover strategies that may improve their quality of life and extend their health span. 

Metabolic Health

Are you struggling with high cholesterol, blood pressure or blood glucose, have you been fighting overweight? Are you on your way to diabetes? Or would you like to know more about metabolic health and how you can become metabolically flexible?

I help my clients move away from unhealthy markers and optimising their diet and lifestyle for long term metabolic health. This also leads to better brain function, shedding fat and preventing diabetes.

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Corporate Athletes

Are you a C-level executive, a manager in a demanding environment or an entrepreneur? Are you someone who wants to perform at your best every day and generate outstanding results for your company? Are you interested in bringing precision to managing your health? Is maintaining your mental and physical resources vital for you?

Health is a decisive factor for performance at work and in life. I help my clients create a lifestyle that will help them thrive sustainably and unleash their potential in life.

I offer companies health programs that include diagnostics and help tailor interventions to individual needs.


Your health doesn't have to stop now ...

I'm Muriel and my mission is help you achieve lifelong vitality.

Rather than viewing health in terms of just trying not to get sick, I believe it means having the energy to do what you love while staying physically youthful well into your later years.

Let me show you how easy it can be to make lasting changes that strengthen your energy, mood and overall well-being. With the right nutrition and lifestyle interventions, as tailored just for YOU by me - through one of my programmes or a consultation - together we can set yourself up for long-term success with every step towards optimal health.

Check out my programmes or click the button to book a free mini-consultation.

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