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I am Muriel

I am a happy mom of two little daughters.

10 years ago I faced my personal health challenges: my immune system was weakened and I ran out of energy to do the things I love, like sports.

I had the chance to meet a doctor with a holistic approach to medicine: I started to understand Inflammation and discovered the importance of Gut Health and the power of Nutrition Medicine & Lifestyle.

That was the start of my health & nutrition coaching career. In my earlier days, as a hobby next to my corporate career.

In 2015 I completed my degree in nutrition and founded my nutrition coaching practice LiveYourBestVersion.

I am passionate about optimal health and performance, and getting the best out of life.

 I focus on diagnostics that help detect imbalances, and interventions that help prevent disease or restore imbalances.

Image by Nicolas Hoizey

Being successful in life is like competing in sports at top level. What does it take 
to perform at your best? How do you train to a peak moment? How do you recover?

You need the best "fuel" to unleash your potential.

Image by Bekir Dönmez

Healthy lifestyle is all about keeping a balance. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, relaxation and time & energy to do what you like. As a Mom of two little daughters I often lack sleep and me-time. So I try to make sure I do very well on the nutrition side.

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You need healthy roots (a healthy gut) and the right nutrients to feed your intestinal flora and maintain your health. Nutrients that will feed the good gut bacteria and defeat the bad ones, nourish your body and immune system, support performance or disease recovery.

Cute Girl Eating Apple

Simple natural foods helping to recover the sensation of nutritional needs like babies and toddlers do. "Back to basics", with pure qualitative ingredients that your body understands and can absorb.

Children, adults, elderly people, we all deserve nutrition that works for us. 

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