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It is health that is real wealth and not the pieces of gold and silver.
Mahatma Gandhi

I am Muriel and I work with people who want to maximise their potential in life and understand that health is the cornerstone of being able to reach that potential. 


As people turn into their thirties, too many of them walk around with suboptimal energy levels and health conditions, many of them already suffer from mental or physical health conditions. Brain fog, muscle or joint pain, fatigue, digestion issue, weight gain …all become the norm as you age. However, these are all signs of inflammation and unhealthy or accelerated ageing. 


Our lifespan has increased over the past two generations, but our health span is decreasing. On average people spend a third of their life fighting mental or physical diseases.


I am passionate about bringing back healthy levels of energy and vitality through understanding functional processes in the human body, detecting physiological and/or mental imbalances early and using targeted interventions at restoring imbalances.


As an active member of the Institute for Salutology ("the science of health"), I focus on detecting the root causes that lead to reduced performance of the human body and can then focus on personalised interventions that help put the individual back on track.









The Way I Work


I always start with an assessment of your health status through a personal conversation over a Lifestyle questionnaire. I start the root-cause analysis as part of this conversation. 


To that picture I will add any recent blood work you may have done. If needed I  will recommend having specific markers checked at your regular medical doctor or through an independent lab.


I can recommend more specialised lab work as we move along the coaching process, if I see this makes sense in your personal situation.


In Switerland, Austria and Germany, I also offer to assess your ability to regulate all external factors we are exposed to (nutrition, exercise, environmental toxins, mental stress etc) and your ability to recover, using a HeartBalance device. Through a 24 hours measurement of the heart rate variability, this enables me to “read '' your autonomic nervous system. Your autonomic nervous system is like a mirror to your health status  and helps me detect how well you are using your resources and where you can improve. 


I combine education of my clients (online course, interaction with me, references) with personal coaching (zoom/googlemeets) 

For complex situations or specific themes, I access my network of experts and medical doctors in various fields.

If you’re interested in exploring your way forward, you can e-mail me at or book a free mini-consultation here.

The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now.

Biohack your Body and Mind - 10 week programme

10 week transformation programme to jumpstart your health and learn how you can improve your energy and vitality levels.

Over the years small imbalances in your body can accumulate to more significant ones. This situation may then lead to something that is called silent inflammation and put your overall health out of balance. Thus status is a precursor of many chronic diseases like autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic conditions or neuro-degenerative diseases.


Health is a lifelong journey and managing your health is similar to managing a bank account: if you take out too much money from your bank account, you may end up with a negative balance. Similarly, if you don’t add back to your health account but only debit your account, at some point the balance will be negative.


In this 10 week program you will kick-start with an effective detox week, then discover personalised anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle habits that reduce inflammation and reduce the drain from it on your health, energy levels and ageing process. You will learn through online course material and personalised coaching.

The ultimate goal of this program is to provide you with a lifestyle and health that enables you to tap into your full potential in life and Live Your Best Version

PRICE: from 750 CHF (incl. VAT)  Price depends on number of coaching sessions

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Live Younger Longer - 6 month programme

Your genes determine who you could be. Your determine who you are.

Take advantage of epigenetic reprogramming to prompt your body to rejuvenate your cells and reverse signs of ageing

Ageing goes hand in hand with an increased risk for chronic diseases and tissue dysfunction

Health is a lifelong journey and managing your health is similar to managing a bank account: if you take out too much money from your bank account, you may end up with a negative balance. Similarly, if you don’t add back to your health account but only debit your account, at some point the balance will be negative.


If you want to invest in your health and get on the "Live Younger Longer" track, this programme is for you.

This 6-month holistic health programme is based on the analysis of 23 genetic and epigenetic markers, personalised formulation of phytonutrients for a 6-month period, and precision nutrition and lifestyle coaching based on your test results. At the end of the 6 months. your epigenetic markers are remeasured to assess programme results and determine your maintenance programme going forward.


The ultimate goal of this program is help you own your health with precision tools and live younger longer.

Programme includes

  • Genetic and epigenetic test using the latest analysis method PRECISION-GENEOMETRY®, sent to your home address

  • Debriefing consultation with epigenetic expert

  • 6 month Phytonutrients from BLUEZONES®: personalised formulation of purely plant-based, vegan  phytonutrients that have a direct impact on epigenetic signalling pathways and mechanisms

  • 6 coaching consultations to translate recommendations into your lifestyle

  • Progress Control test sent to your home address after 6 months intervention

  • End of program consultation

PRICE: 4'300 EUR / 4'300 CHF (incl. VAT)

Anchor Epigenetic Programme

Reverse Impact from Stress / Recover your inner Peace

4 week intervention program to reduce harmful impact from stress at cellular level and to arm you with improved stress resilience

Reducing stress is one of the great challenges of everyday life. However, once the physical coping level is exceeded and you have reached a status of exhaustion or burnout, the way to regeneration is long.


In this programme your cellular stress level will be measured, as well as your your risk for stress-related late effects.


Micro RNAs are excellent epigenetic biomarkers because they are found in all organs and are very stable. Several micro RNAs are involved in the regulation of stress and stress responses. Changes in stress.associated micro RNA levels in the blood reflect changes in the brain.

Programme includes:

  • Analysis Panel sent to your home address (8 stress associated micro RNAs), latest analysis method PRECISION-GENEOMETRY®

  • Personalised recommendations to reduce stress (Nutrition and lifestyle)

  • 2 consultations to translate recommendations into your daily life

PRICE: 530 EUR/  530 CHF (incl. VAT)

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Bespoke Nutrition and Lifestyle Transformation Programmes

Are you struggling with unresolved health concerns? Address your health concerns now. Don't wait until your symptoms get worse but discover the power of personalised nutrition and lifestyle changes.

In all my programmes I focus on identifying and addressing root causes and personalised behaviour changes that suit to my clients lifestyle. I prioritise changes based on relevance and most probable success. All interventions fit in a preventive philosophy and one that is anchored in the restorative power of your own body and mind. 

I have a range of diagnostic tools at my disposal including epigenetic panels, regular blood analysis, more specialised blood analysis (heavy metals, toxins), microbiome assessments, heart rate variability measurements, mitochondrial function.


I also use my access to a network of experts in their respective fields, health professionals and medical doctors.

PRICE: depending on required help

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